Jamila Johnson-Small / Pamina De Coulon / Ivana Müller / Camposaz / Ismaïl Bahri

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date time hall price tickets/availability
zo 20.05.18 10:00 - 23:00 Café free
ma 21.05.18 10:00 - 23:00 Café free
di 22.05.18 10:00 - 23:00 Café free
wo 23.05.18 10:00 - 23:00 Café free
do 24.05.18 10:00 - 23:00 Café free
vr 25.05.18 10:00 - 23:00 Café free
za 26.05.18 10:00 - 23:00 Café free


During The May Events, Camposaz, a wood-construction workshop, will transform the café into an active space for dialogue and discussion during the festival, emphasizing its role as a collective and interactive space. The installation, constructed with modular wooden elements, will accommodate informal lunch conversations, conferences, and debates, becoming a backdrop for the artists’ performances.


Within and around this construction, several installations will be developed by artists as part of the festival.






Media of every fight, every uprising, the banners help us claim or denounce, they call out, they state I you she we, say we concur or not in my name. They are what lasts, lingers, what captions images.
Active agents of the social history of writing, they also expose our rare non-commercial words in public space, and thus, inscribed in the temporality of the written letter, they subtext us and caption us. They legend our actions as well as our inactions.

location: Café


The concept of ‘Notes’ is inspired by the 19th century practice of ‘marginalia’, which cultivated a gesture of ‘personalizing’ a book before offering it to a friend or a lover by writing notes in the margin. Inspired by this practice Ivana Müller invited a host of sharp readers to return to this tradition: Maxime Arnauld, Róise Goan, Livia Andrea Piazza, Laurence Rassel, Christel Stalpaert and Michiel Vandevelde. Together and alternately they read and comment on ‘Spartakus: The Symbology of Revolt’ (Furio Jesi). The hybride manuscript arising from this extensive meeting of minds will be the starting point for a collective discussion and exposition during The May Events.

The manuscript will be displayed in an exposition, both in Brussels (INSAS) and in Ghent (Vooruit Café). On two occasions the group of readers will engage the audience during a group discussion.

location: Foyer Theaterzaal


Camposaz is a temporary community of designers, selected through an international call, who live closely for 10 days in a camping site, with the shared aim of designing and self-constructing wood installations in order to improve public spaces and to engage with the surrounding landscape. The thirteenth edition of Camposaz will take place in Vooruit. The ambition is to transform the Vooruit Café into an active space of confrontation, emphasizing its role of collective and interactive space. The installation, constructed with modular wooden elements, will try to accommodate informal lunch conversations, conferences, and debates, becoming a backdrop for the artists’ performances.

location: Café


At first, ‘Foyer’ seems to be a projection without film, where the only thing visible is a palpitating white screen. Voices accompany this white emptiness. They are spoken by people who approach the cameraman at work on the film, questioning him about what he is doing. As the situation develops, the discussions reveal to the spectators the principles of a film experience in progress, of the film they are actually watching. Ultimately the camera transforms into a foyer (in the sense of a hearth), around around which people from particular social and political landscapes gather, to speak, discuss and listen.

location: hallway to Theaterzaal


Meditation Tapes is a not quite radio show/listening space/headache/mindfuck/mixtape on the topics of control and compromise, wondering about new aesthetics for in-absorbable disruption and featuring the thoughts, voices, words and sounds from a range of UK-based artists. An offshoot from Last Yearz Interesting Negro's ongoing projects started to calm a rampant alienation and slow racing thoughts...but what does calm look like when you embody countless contradictions, conflicts and traumas? What to do when language can’t stretch to hold you and it was never your language anyway and you look out at the city and it is like your beating heart, complicated, congested and broken? Some things need to break.

location: Café


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