Vooruit & ACOD Cultuur present: We Own It!

Symposium over ons publiek bezit

Foyer Theaterzaal - Debate / Conversation, #ThinkVooruit

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Mainstream media missed it, but reclaiming public ownership is going global! There have been at least 835 examples of (re)municipalisation of public services worldwide in recent years,involving more than 1.600 cities in 45 countries. Rightly so, because public opinion stronglysupports running services for people, not profit.

While most politicians have lost sight of the common good, people around the world are closing the chapter of privatisation and neoliberal trade regimes. Civil movements, unions and left wing parties are connecting their fight in order to put essential services like energy, transport, water, housing, social care, security, public space, sports or culture back into our public hands.

There is an alternative for private sector abuse, lobbying and labour violations. It’s possible to address people’s basic needs without excluding anyone. Ever-declining service quality and ever-increasing prices are not inevitable. We can regain democratic control over our (local) economy and resources. If we do it together.

How to organise? This symposium defends the idea that transparent and accountable management based on participation of workers and users is real, successful and sound. People-driven models of public ownership with various levels of democratic involvement by citizens and workers are our only guarantee for a sustainable transition that really copes with our current social and environmental challenges. So, let’s mobilise now and take back what belongs to all of us.


  • Andrew Cumbers: professor in Regional Political Economy, author of Reclaiming Public Ownership: Making Space for Economic Democracy.
  • Satoko Kishimoto: environmental activist and researcher at the Transnational Institute, co-author of Reclaiming Public Services.
  • Cat Hobbs: founder and director of the campaign platform We Own it.
  • Sam Mason: climate change policy advisor for PCS, the British union for public services.


  • Natalie Eggermont: coordinator of Climate Express.
  • Sacha Dierckx: researcher form Think Tank Minerva.
  • Pascal Gielen: cultural sociologist, author of The Art of Civil Action.

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do 26.04 - 13:00 t/m 17:00 Balzaal
debat / #thinkVooruit
gratis, maar reserveren via de link bovenaan 



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