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In this project Cinemaximiliaan brings together a diverse group of musicians in an ensemble for live music with silent film. At the core of this project lies the inspiring power of various musical traditions and sounds. The ensemble consists partly of newcomers from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Syria, and partly West-European musicians.

Based on improvisations and under the musical leadership of composer Simon Ho and pianist Emma Heijink, the group put together an experimental soundtrack, in which pop, jazz and rock influences are mixed with oriental ornaments into a groundbreaking musical adventure. In an innovative way, the music enters into dialogue with the silent comedy ‘Egged On’ from Charley Bowers (1926) in which the protagonist attempts to build a machine to make unbreakable eggs.

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sun 25.02 - 14:30 Theaterzaal
€7 / 5 (presale)
concert / film

image © Louay Daboos