La Nuit des Idées - De Nacht van Ideeën 2018


Theaterzaal - Talk, Debate / Conversation, #ThinkVooruit

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How do you see the future?

With the events of May '68 already 50 years behind us, what remains of the slogans on walls of Paris? Will we ever see the future hoped for in 1968? In 2018, can forecasts, utopias, hopes and dreams offer clarity about what the future may bring?

On Thursday 25 January, during 'The Night of Ideas 2018 – Futurs!', thinkers, creators, artists and the public will enter into dialogue to sketch out the contours of what awaits us. An evening of debate taking place in Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp simultaneously. ‘Futurs!’ attempts to find answers by looking to the future and its present-day conception.

'The Night of Ideas': driving the future forward!

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do 25.01 - 20:00 Theaterzaal (19:30 doors)
debat / #thinkVooruit
gratis, maar inschrijven via het bovenstaande link (behalve voor 'Europa in de herfst': hier tickets bestellen)



org Ambassade van Frankrijk in België, Institut Français & Vooruit - met de steun van: de stad Brussel, de l'Alliance Française Bruxelles-Europe, de l'Alliance française van Oost-Vlaanderen, de l' Alliance Française van Antwerpen, UGent & Thalys