Vooruit & Gouvernement present:

Scott Gilmore / Cate Kennan / Elko B. / Hiele (dj-set)

Gouvernement - Elektronica, Concert

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wo 20.12.17 20:00 - 23:00 Gouvernement
Price category Ongenummerd
Voorverkoop € 5,00

An evening of top notch ambient and synth tunes

An evening full of top notch ambient and synth tunes, curated by Vooruit music resident Roman Hiele at our favorite Ghentian art platform Gouvernement.


Scott Gilmore

Scott Gilmore is a Los Angeles based recording artist and multi-instrumentalist. His music combines elements of 70’s underground psychedelia, kosmische, and library music. His compositions are filled with ever changing parts, thickly layered electronics, and an accomplished sense of harmony and counterpoint. Following the limited edition tape release of ‘Volume 01’ on SFV REC, Scott Gilmore released the album ‘Subtle Vertigo’ with International Feel in June of 2017.


Cate Kennan

Cate Kennan is an electronic musician based in Los Angeles. Her music juxtaposes industrial leaning rhythms with melodic electronics and textural chords. Her compositions venture from ambient introspection to upbeat forward moving electronics. Dreamy and poppy stuff!


Elko B

Considering Elko Blijweert's been active in the Belgian music scene for about fifteen years now, it comes as quite a surprise that "I Bambini Di Basilisco"is only his first ever solo album. Known mainly for his virtuoso yet ever idiosyncratic guitar playing, Elko B. treats the listener to much more than just that. With the exception of the heavily guitar-driven western pastiche "Cochon Torrero", the emphasis here lies on dark Carpenteresque synthesizer sounds as well as jolly child-friendly melodies. The twelve pleasantly concise songs, mainly based on compositions Blijweert made as soundtrack material for contemporary dance theatre and children's puppet theatre, beautifully blend together into a whole as the listener is presented with a unique glimpse inside the wide-ranging imagery that is Elko B.'s ever-expanding musical world.


Hiele (dj set)

Vooruit music resident Roman Hiele leaves his dancing shoes at home and spins a couple of his favorite ambient and new age tunes.

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wo 20.12 - 20:00 Gouvernement
concert / elektronica
€7 / 5 (presale)



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