Wolf Müller / Senyawa feat. Patshiva Cie

Balzaal - Elektronica, Dj, Concert

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Avant-garde punk + German funk & Indonesian tribal traditions

Part two of a mini-series of concerts under the banner of EUROPALIA INDONESIA, the last show having taken place on Thursday 16 November. This time you can witness Senyawa ft. Patshiva Cie and Wolf Müller at work. The perfect conclusion to EUROPALIA INDONESIA at Vooruit!

Senyawa ft. Patshiva Cie / Wolf Müller



Senyawa feat. Patshiva Cie

Anyone who’s ever seen the explosive Javanese duo Senyawa at work will not think it strange to speak of them in the same breath as vocal artists such as Mike Patton and Diamanda Galas. Their elusive music hits with a definite punk impact. This unique duo from Yogyakarta transforms traditional Javanese music with avant-garde experimentation and a hefty dose of punk. Instrumentalist Wukir Suryadi builds his own instruments and frontman/singer Rully Shabara screams/pants/mumbles/sings and impresses with his unbelievable vocal techniques.

Patshiva Cie is a 25-strong, polyphoninc female choir based in Brussels. At the helm: choir leader Dounia Depoorter and the choreographer with French-Malinese roots Fatou Traoré, who earned her stripes/collaborated with Rosas (Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker) and Alain Platel. Combined with Senyawa, this promises to be an explosive cocktail.




Wolf Müller


Percussion, mouth harp, fragments of conversation, gongs and bells characterise the sound of the German producer and musician Wolf Müller, aka Bufiman. Müller combines elements of disco, funk and ambient to create a unique yet very familiar universe. EUROPALIA invited this krautrock king to discover the rural music of Kalimantan in Borneo. There he explored, recorded and assimilated the traditional music. He also collected typical instruments from the region to play during his concerts. An intense, idiosyncratic mix of German funk and Indonesian tribal traditions!

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in het kader van / in the frame of: EUROPALIA INDONESIA