Guadalupe Maravilla


Op Locatie - Performance, Installation

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Masked performance throughout the Vooruit building 

Guadalupe Morazan - once a member of a boysband in El Salvador, now based in the US - created the last years a number of fantastical performances as a multimedia performance artist. In each of them he confronts ancient traditions with new urban aesthetics to break open existing boundaries and stereotypes. Central in his work: the mask.

For Make Me Up Before We Blow Blow Morazan creates a procession, thorughout Vooruit. Masked cyclists ride along with local musicians, choreographed by Guadalupe Morazan wearing a sculptured headdress. The masks used in the performance will be created during a series of mask making workshops with local Gent residents and local communities.

The videos of his former performances show that it will certainly be a special experience. 

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gratis, vertrek in het Vooruit Café