Forest Swords

support: Lumisokea plays ‘Dervish’ / IOKOI

Balzaal - Elektronica, Concert

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Ambient protest music from Liverpool


Forest Swords

“This was more than a pop concert, this was poetry” – De Morgen’s description of Forest Swords’ set this year at Pukkelpop. For anyone keeping track of all things ambient over the past few years, this level of praise will come as no surprise. Matthew Barnes’ one-man project came onto the scene in 2010 with the debut record ‘Dagger Paths’ and would cut deeper with every consistently unique album to follow.

Barnes is at it again with his latest LP ‘Compassion’, creating magnificent, hyper-detailed sound collages brimming with field recordings and samples. ‘Compassion’ is instrumental protest music that manages to meld the prevailing zeitgeist of confusion, malaise, consolation and hope into one sublime trip. Eastern melodies vibe with abstract chants, esoteric synths and deconstructed beats that would make Jamie xx green with envy. Forest Swords manoeuvres from euphoric to dark moods and from oppressive slow-motion passages to melancholic optimism.

The British producer performs his numbers in part-digital, part-analogue fashion, underscoring his dub influences with bass and guitar. Barnes, a former multimedia arts student, elevates the show further with stylised visuals to put on a show like you’ve never seen.


Lumisokea plays ‘Dervish’

Lumisokea is an Italo-Belgian duo and a fixture of the renowned British label Opal Tapes. They have previously performed on the stages of Bozar Electronic and CTM Festival, in the excellent company of Shacketon, Emptyset and Mika Vainio, among others.

‘Dervish’ is the duo’s new live project, for which two additional percussionists have joined the ranks. They will be building on the music from their last album ‘Transmissions from Revarsavr’ (Opal Tapes, 2016), making use of electronic gear, self-made percussion instruments and drums. After over a year of intense preparations, ‘Dervish’ will premiere on Friday 8 December at Vooruit.

Enchanting music, inspired by the Korean percussion tradition of Samul Nori, musique concrète and industrial!



IOKOI has been touring as singer, performer and electronic musician equipped with a microphone and synthesizers since 2012. On stage, IOKOI knows how to set herself in scene; she blurs her identity and defines her being in a dialogue with the audience in every given moment.

IOKOI improvises at live silent movie screenings, composes soundtracks for movies, is the creative head of the Milano based collective MADAM and involved in several international cooperations. IOKOI confronts the usual pop music with capricious textures, oblique sounds and a subliminal voice. She composed her first single ‘Growing Young’ with this formula. IOKOI’s creative work has been in a dialogue with the world of fashion - negotiating her identity and staging.

The continuous development of her etherous, singular sound signature and haunting voice is the core of IOKOI’s work. Since 2014, she has teamed up with the video artist ARIA, who underlays the music with hypnotic images.

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vr 08.12 - 20:00 Balzaal (doors)
€18 / 15 (vvk)


20:00 doors
20:15 Lumisokea
21:30 IOKOI
22:15 Forest Swords



beeld IOKOI (c) Mathieu Missiaen