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What are the alternatives for tomorrow?

It's hard to keep up with how fundamentally these times seem to be shifting. Rights no longer seem to apply to everybody. Every day the news shows us countless decisions and events. But how do all these facts add up together? What is changing in depth? And what can be done? Often, there is not enough time or correct information to really think about all that. That is why Hart over Hard is launching 'Tina & Tamara On Tour'. In just one evening you get a better understanding of what is at stake in our society today and tomorrow. On Tuesday, November 7th the tour will make a stop at Vooruit.

'Tina and Tamara On Tour' is a traveling evening show with substance, addressing the state of affairs of present times and alternatives for tomorrow. In short passionate lectures, speakers tackle critical issues, reinforced by artistic interventions by equally passionate artists.



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di 07.11 - 20:00 Theaterzaal
lezing / talk
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