Eko Supriyanto


CC Evergem, Weststraat 31 Evergem - Dance

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Gravity questioned

After the international success of 'Cry Jailolo' and 'Balabala' Eko Supriyanto will be presenting his latest performance - 'SALT' - during EUROPALIA INDONESIA.

For the solo 'SALT', Supriyanto revisited the theme of 'Cry Jailolo': the threat to his homeland’s marine life. The choreographer explores the relationship between Javanese cultural heritage and the rhythm of the underwater world, which represents 80 percent of the Indonesian archipelago, drawing from his classical dance training, but also from his diving experience and from the vocabulary of the Javanese agricultural tradition of carving in the ground - a performance that defies gravity. 

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wo 06.12 - 20:00 CC Evergem
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