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Radical Light

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Ingenious choreography at 120 beats per minute

'Radical Light' is an energetic and layered dance performance in which dance and music flirt with each other around a shared pulse. For a whole hour, dance and sound rub against each other at 120 beats per minute.

For 'Radical Light', Catalan choreographer Salva Sanchis - formerly active at P.A.R.T.S. - enters into a dialogue with the music of Senjan Jansen and Joris Vermeiren. Under the name Discodesafinado the two sound designers cut minimal techno with experimental electronics. Their pointillist, rhythmic sound palette remains simultaneously elusive and infectious. The five dancers - including choreographer Salva Sanchis himself – completely surrender to the music...


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  za 28.04 - 20:00 CC Evergem
€13 / 11 / 9 / 8
org CC Evergem


choreografie / choreography: Salva Sanchis - dans / dance: Inga Huld Hakonardottir, Peter Savel, Stanislav Dobak, Thomas Vantuycom of Gabriel Schenker & Salva Sanchis - muziek / music: Discodesafinado (Joris Vermeiren & Senjan Jansen) - beeld / photo: Bart Grietens - productie / production: Kunst/Werk - met de steun van / with the support of: de Vlaamse Gemeenschap - met dank aan / thanks to: Manon Santkin, Luc Schaltin & Peter Fol