Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus

Mockumentary of a Contemporary Saviour

Theaterzaal - Theater, Dance

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Does humanity even deserve to be saved?

We are in the distant future and a tipping point has been reached in the history of mankind as a devastating force permanently destroys all life on earth. With the help of a child, a small group of people manages to reach a safe place. But life in this safe room is not simple: the survivors are constantly at odds - and the desire to surrender to the destructive outside force remains. Is humanity worth saving?

In 'Mockumentary of a Contemporary Savior' choreographer Wim Vandekeybus brings a perceptive portrait of a messiah as a fictional figure, reflected in the seven characters. The ambiguous relationship with the child in the outside world, internal conflicts, cultural differences and human urges and instincts: it creates a continuous journey of commotion. Utopia and dystopia at a glance. Immortality dominates, suicide offers no way out. Nothing is what it seems in this futuristic reality.


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Additional information

This show contains nudity, strong language and stroboscopic lights.


regie & choreografie / direction & choreography: Wim Vandekeybus - creatie / creation & performers: Anabel Lopez, Maria Kolegova, Yun Liu, Wouter Bruneel, Saïd Gharbi, Jason Quarles & Flavio D’Andrea - tekst / text: Bart Meuleman & Ultima Vez - artistiek assistent / artistic assistant: Jerry Killick - dramaturg: Aïda Gabriëls - scenografie / scenography: Wim Vandekeybus & Meryem Bayram - muziek & geluidsontwerp / music & sound design: Charo Calvo - cocreatie geluidsontwerp & computermuziek / co-creation sound design & computer music: Manuel Poletti - lichtontwerp / light design: Davy Deschepper & Wim Vandekeybus - bewegingsassistent / movement assistant: German Jauregui - styling: Isabelle Lhoas & Isabelle De Cannière - technische coördinatie / technical coordination: Davy Deschepper - sound engineer: Bram Moriau - stage manager: Tom de With - productie / production: Ultima Vez - coproductie / co-production: KVS, deSingel & Ircam-Centre Pompidou