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What does Palestine still mean to the Palestinian diaspora?

Bashar Murkus is a young Palestinian director from Haifa, an Israeli city where Jews and Palestinians live together under growing pressure. Murkus is also the driving force behind the Palestinian Khashabi Ensemble, founded in 2011. In 'Other Places' he examines what Palestine still means to Palestinians who do not live there.

The Palestinian diaspora of refugees and voluntary exiles is huge. Murkus and his company sought and found a way to bundle all these stories. Through a kind of mosaic they make room for a new Palestinian identity: one that is not tied to a specific territory.

This is not the first time you can see Bashar Murkus in Belgium. In 2013, the Palestinian theater maker was at Brussels' Espace Magh with the exceptional 'Bye Bye Gilo’. With 'New Middle East', a play about the totalitarian violence that holds the Middle East in its grasp, he toured Flanders.



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Under Construction is een initiatief van de Vlaamse Regering en de Missie van Palestina in Europa, België en Luxemburg. Daarnaast wordt het festival ondersteund door de Stad Gent en door 11.11.11