Malek Andary & Ata Khatab / Yazan Ewidat & Hamza Damra

The Rooster / Running Away

Theaterzaal - Dance

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date time hall price tickets/availability
do 22.02.18 20:00 - 21:00 Theaterzaal
Price category Rang 1
Abokorting 10% (17-18) € 12,50
-18 € 8,00
-26 € 10,00
+65 € 12,00
Basisprijs € 14,00

One-time unique double-bill

During 'The Palestinian Connection', we will present a unique double-bill with two short but catchy dance performances.

'The Rooster' by Malek Andary and Ata Khatab mixes dabke and contemporary dance. Malek is a specialist of dabke, the folk dance from Syria, Palestine, Jordan and Iraq, while the father of dancer Ata Khattab was the driving force behind folk dance group El Funoun, partly responsible for the promotion of dabke to national Palestinian dance.In 'The Rooster' Khattab and Andary mix history with contemporary influences, resulting in a group dance for five dancers, a performance about who is the ruler of the dunghill.

In 'Running Away', Palestinian performer Yazan Ewidat contests the prevailing image of Palestinians as fighters, as soldiers. According to Ewidat, Palestinians can also be losers: they give up, they do not always love their country, and they want to move towards a new future. But why do people leave Palestine? Yazan Ewidat, seen at Vooruit in 'Badke' (2014), created a highly personal solo.



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Additional information

do 22.02 - 20:00 Theaterzaal
€14 / 12 / 10 / 8
ism Les Ballets C de la B


 ‘Running Away’ - choreografie / choreography: Yazan Iwidat - dans / dance: Hamza Damra - fotografie & podium / photography & stage: Pierre De Deken - muziek / music: Yuma / SMEK & Yazan Iwidat / ERR404
‘The Rooster’ - productie / production: El-Funoun Palestinian dance troupe, SHAMS Association & Marhabtain Organization - dans / dance: Ata Khatab, Mohammad Khwiera, Majdi Karakra, Samer Karajeh & Khaled El-saber