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Family Trees

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Your family lasts a lifetime

Everyone is part of a family, no matter how big or small or tight-knit or distant it is - or how close-by or how far they live. In 'Family Trees' - by choreographer Janni van Goor - family ties are the main underlying theme.

Together with children and professional circus performers - Michiel Deprez and Axel Guérin - Van Goor creates a tragicomic performance in which circus and dance-theater meet. A haunting production with intimate moments, strange situations and subtle humor - disarmingly beautiful.

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wo 17.01 - 17:00 Minnemeers - Minnemeers 8, Gent
dans / circus
€14 / 12 / 10 / 8
voor iedereen vanaf 12 jaar

ihkv Smells Like Circus-festival 
ism Circuscentrum



van & met / by & with: Ava Liv Bienstman, Emma Cocquyt, Michiel Deprez, Aexel Guerin, Kato Jonckheere, Io Marievoet, Ona Lisa Van Haver & Ava van Loo - regie & choreografie / direction & choreography: Janni van Goor - dramaturgisch advies / dramaturgical advice: Bauke Lievens - kostuums / costumes: Lieve Pynoo - productie / production: Janni van Goor/Tank! vzw & KOPERGIETERY ism / icw Circuscentrum