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 Watch out for flying paint drops!

What happens when acrobatics, paint, sound and action painting by Jackson Pollock meet? Borderline, the young collective by Mahlu Mertens and Hanne Vandersteene, ventures to find out. 'PLOCK!' is a whirlwind performance for the very little ones, about authenticity and finding yourself among blobs of paint. Camiel Corneille is the acrobatic artist on duty.

Please note that because no one can leave this energetic show stain-free, kids will receive a white overall and parents a hoodie. And maybe, just maybe, they might use the youngest one in your party as a paint brush.

Is there anything more fun than making a mess?



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wo 17.01 - 15:00 De Expeditie - zo geraak je er 
€10 / 8 / 6 (-12)
voor kinderen vanaf 4 jaar, begeleid door een volwassene

Opgelet: laatkomers worden niet toegelaten in de zaal. 


ihkv Smells Like Circus-festival 
ism Circuscentrum



concept, regie / direction & cast: Hanne Vandersteene & Mahlu Mertens - acrobatie: Camiel Corneille - geluid / sound: Stijn Dickel - kostuums / costumes: Sofie Rosseel - dramaturg: Mieke Versyp - techniek / technics & lichtontwerp / light design: Jeroen Doise & Saul Mombaerts - posterbeeld / image poster: Maud Langaskens - met steun van / with the support of: De Vlaamse overheid, De Grote Post, Dommelhof/Theater op de Markt, Circuscentrum, KOPERGIETERY, Via Zuid & Aifoon