J&J / Jessica Huber & James Leadbitter

The Art of a Culture of Hope (1) - Tender Provocations of Hope and Fear

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Say no to fear

“Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, no matter how it turns out.” - Vaclav Havel

Climate change, mass migration, war in the Middle East, financial instability, rising nationalism and the erosion of human rights: the future does not look particularly rosy. But J & J - aka Jessica Huber and James Leadbitter (the vacuum cleaner) - refuse to let fear guide them.

Under the title 'The Art of a Culture of Hope', J & J create long-term discussions and actions about our values, our fears, our hopes and our collective future. 'The Art of a Culture of Hope' consists of three parts: the performance 'Tender Provocations of Hope and Fear' and a workshop, 'A Space for Hope'. What emerges from this dialogue with the public gets bundled into 'The Archive of Hope and Fear'.

J & J are Jessica Huber and James Leadbitter. Jessica is a performance maker from Switzerland and James aka the vacuum cleaner is a British artist and activist collective of one. For ‘The Art of a Culture of Hope’ J & J are supported by the two Swiss architects and close collaborators Gabriela Rutz and Ramin Mosayebi. For ‘Tender Provocations of Hope and Fear’ they will be joined by selection of local and international artists. 

Kate McIntosh & Caroline Daish

Brussels based artists’ Kate and Caroline attempt a new work, creating a sonic experience that encourages us to listen sensitivity. Can hope create a possibility / necessity / inescapability of subtle interconnection between humans? (Depending on how you feel that day…)

Kim Noble

It’s the hope of a..... the hope that she...the hope that tomorrow will... It’s just the hope that I can’t stand. Performance artist and comedian Kim Noble brings his new best friend to Ghent to share their fear of hope.

Maria Lucia Cruz Correia

As an artist and climate change activist based in Ghent Lucia has been engaging local people in ‘Common Dreams’, durational community project which has an anticipatory approach to time, commons and hope to address Climate change and the Anthropocene era.

Reverend Janet Ashton

A professional priest in the Anglican Church, Janet will share her story of being a professional holder of hope whilst working in the church, and how illness and disability in her children has challenged this. One of her children will be present during the performance.

the vacuum cleaner

What would the perfect mental health hospital be like? – Artist and activist the vacuum cleaner shares his collaborative project Madlove: A Designer Asylum, which visited Dr Guislain Hospital Museum two years ago.


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door / by: J&J / Jessica Huber & James Leadbitter (the vacuum cleaner) - artistic collaboration & space: Gabriela Rutz - light & technical support: Claudia Rutz - in samenwerking met / in collaboration with: Gabriela Rutz & Ramin Mosayebi - met de steun van / with the support of: Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, Stadt Zürich Kultur, Schweizer Kulturstiftung Pro Helvetia & Migros Kulturprozent/Prärie


in samenwerking met Museum Dr. Guislain