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When Iceland meets Iran

Everyone has a body, everyone speaks body-talk. 'Being' shows a physical encounter between the West and the Middle East, with the human body fueling the dialogue as an instrument.

For the first time, Bára Sigfúsdóttir - seen at Vooruit in 2015 with 'The Lover' - is not on stage herself, but translating a meeting with the inspiring Iranian dancers Masoumeh Jalalieh and SeyedAlireza Mirmohammadi onto the stage. Their twisting bodies create subtle sensations and subtexts, showing what the Western European and Iranian culture and society have in common.

After completing her studies at P.A.R.T.S. and successful appearances at festivals such as Theater aan Zee, Icelandic choreographer and stage resident Bára Sigfúsdóttir reaches a new milestone in her journey with 'being'.



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 th 26 & fr 27.10 - 20:30 CAMPO nieuwpoort
dans / performance
€14 / 12 / 10 / 8
60 min
in copresentatie met CAMPO


PREMIÈRE: 26 oktober 2017, CAMPO (in copresentatie met Kunstencentrum Vooruit) Gent (BE)
DUUR: ongeveer 50 minuten
CHOREOGRAFIE: Bára Sigfúsdóttir
GECREËERD MET EN UITGEVOERD DOOR: Masoumeh Jalalieh en SeyedAlireza Mirmohammadi
MUZIEK: Eivind Lønning
KOSTUUM: Andrea Kraenzlin
DRAMATURGIE: Sara Vanderieck
TECHNIEK: Marie Vandecasteele en/of Bardia Mohammad
INTERNATIONALE SPREIDING: A Propic / Line Rousseau en Marion Gauvent
COPRODUCTIE: Kunstencentrum Vooruit / DNA - Departures and Arrivals, DansBrabant, DANCE ON PASS ON DREAM ON, workspacebrussels / Life Long Burning, Moussem Nomadisch Kunstencentrum, de Grote Post en C-TAKT
MET STEUN VAN: fabrik Potsdam, Platform 0090, Grand Theatre en CAMPO
MET DE FINANCIELE STEUN VAN: de Vlaamse overheid, de Ambassade van de Federale Republiek Duitsland, the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union en de stad Antwerpen
MET DANK AAN: Andrean Sigurgeirsson en Martin Blank