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Rebecca Havemeyer / Rummelsnuff / Birdcloud



Rebecca Havemeyer

Sweet, southern, with a heart of gold

A wig, high heels, fishnet stockings and relatively subtle makeup - Rebecca Havemeyer is what you call a classic drag queen. Rebecca is sweet, southern, and has a heart of gold - a dandy queer bomb with an angelic voice that can stand the test of time and guarantees artistic entertainment. Two trannies, one man: everything for your cultural pleasure!

Rebecca Havemeyer is one of American artist Paul Soileau’s alter egos. During the opening weekend, you can also see him at work as CHRISTEENE.





“The most dangerous group in Country Music.” - Houston Press


‘Warshin’ My Big Ol’ Pussy’, ‘Ice Balls’ and ‘Fuck You Cop’: three hits and just as many reasons not to miss Birdcloud. Makenzie and Jasmin, from Tennessee in the ‘deep down south’ of the US, perform gloriously satirical and politically incorrect bluegrass and country – think Kinky Friedman, David Allen Coe and Hank Williams III. The duo raise countless taboos in their songs – not least their own ‘white trash’ background – criticising and celebrating their southern identity in equal measure. The musical equivalent of a South Park episode, with the addition of mandolins and some pretty weird harmonica solos.

  • “True-to-life, with a healthy dose of humor” - Rolling Stone

Warshin My Big Ol - Birdcloud from Birdcloud on Vimeo.





Popeye with beats


Bodybuilder, actor, former bouncer at the legendary Berlin club Berghain, and a beloved figure of the Berlin nightlife scene: Roger Baptist is many things to many people. As Rummelsnuff he makes the most hilarious testosterone-drenched music. Everything is possible in the Rummelsnuff universe: from dark sea shanties to bombastic electropunk, folksy oompah music and antifascist anthems. Rummelsnuff is joined live by his fellow sailor/partner in crime Maat Asbach. Popeye with beats!


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do 28.09 - 21:00 Vooruit Café
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beeld / photo: Celesta Danger