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 Inauguration of a collective intervention in the public space

Ghent natives know the area surrounding De Pintelaan and Zwijnaardsesteenweg - a densely populated urban neighborhood teeming with campuses (UGent, UZ, Broeders van Liefde), forming islands around the neighborhood as it were, in the center of town. It is hard to imagine that this area was once a rural area with vast fields.

In 'CAMPUS' - literally "open space" – city resident Elly Van Eeghem analyses what 'public space' still means. Together with local residents, passers-by, students, and schoolchildren, Elly thinks about design and the use of this concept. This is how 'CAMPUS' becomes an open workshop, in a former drink market, where ideas for the environment are shared, sketched and built. In October, 'CAMPUS' will come to an end with the inauguration of a collective intervention in the public space.

“Maybe sometimes we better understand the meaning of public space, if we shift our gaze a few hundred meters.” - Elly Van Eeghem

'CAMPUS' is the third and final phase of a project launched in 2012 on the imagination of urban development in which Elly uses video, photography, actions in the public space and public facilities. In each instance, she establishes a link between a Western city and her hometown of Ghent. Read more about 'CAMPUS', phase one (Paris / Bloemkenswijk) and phase two (Berlin / Malem) on www.vooruit.be.


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th 05 t/m su 08.10 - doorlopend, op locatie (De Pintelaan 263, 9000 Gent)
installatie / expo



van & met / by & with: Elly Van Eeghem, Marlies Jacques, Maarten Van den Bossche, Maarten Jolie, Michiel Soete & Leentje Kerremans ism / icw basisschool De Panda, International School Ghent & buurtbewoners - productie / production: Macadam vzw - coproductie / co-production: Vooruit - met de steun van / with the support of: Cultuurdienst Stad Gent, KASK/HoGent & Eurabo