BLACKLIGHT PARTY: Bernard & Bernard / Narcissister / Christeene / Dolly Bing Bing / Pieter Ampe & Moni Wespi / Ninos Du Brasil / Moscow Disco Rainbow Club (dj-set)

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Treat yo'self. Or better: please yo'self! Loving yourself is hot, is what Narcissister preaches. And now a delegation of sisters and misters is coming to Vooruit to proclaim the gospel.

‘The Self-Gratifier’ - a film that received the 'Best use for a Sex Toy' award - 'Vaseline', 'Organ Player' and 'Burka Barbie' are just some of the titles that brought Narcissister worldwide success. She creates live performances and films in the twilight zone where dance, art and activism meet. Narcissister explores themes such as gender, race, and sexuality, with a nod to fetishism and always some form of link with multimedia.

Narcissister lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her participation in America's Got Talent stunned the judges and the rest of the country. She was also one of the co-performers in Marina Abramovic's retrospective 'The Artist is Present'.



Dolly Bing Bing

Dolly Bing Bing is a glamorous alien popstar created and personified by artist and dancer Elisabeth Van Dam. With her hyper-trained body, Dolly is a living sculpture, sex icon, superwoman and heroine. She combines a feminine hardcore mindset with glossy make-up, a doll-like face, an open heart and a genuine tenderness. Dolly is the future, she is a Gesamtkunstwerk, a post-apocalyptic bitch who transcends the human and embraces the animalistic, the digital, the hybrid and the heavenly.

But at the heart of it all Dolly Bing Bing is a musician. She collaborates on her songs and live performances with composer/producer Alien Observer (Laurens Mariën, NEIN, ex-Soldier’s Heart). Together they make trippy soundtracks for a beautiful metaphysical future. The recipe is equal parts R&B, feminist rap and experimental electronica, multimedia pop songs, ecstatic philosophy and modernist poetry. Expect raw song texts that cut to the bone while also remaining subtle, sweet and metaphysical.




Christeene is, in her own words, a drag terrorist, and unafraid of the occasional sex toy. Christeene has referred to herself as a ‘human pissoir of raw unabashed sexuality’. She injects generfluid hiphop trash and perverse punk with a raw intimacy. Her live shows consist of two backing boyz, bizarre but disarming emotional monologues, buttplugs suspended from balloons, stylized wardrobes from the gutters of society and heated discussions about the current state of the world.

Christeene is an alter-ego of the American performer Paul Soileau, who is also set to perform at Vooruit as Rebecca Havemeyer. Her videos regularly win awards at international LGBTQ+ film festivals and she has toured with Faith No More and Peaches. Added bonus: Queen Christeen has proclaimed on Twitter her appreciation for the Belgian electrotrash duo Kenji Minoque. Kicking harrrd!



Ninos Du Brasil

Sizzling carnival rave – confetti included

If you were at the legendary party with Dengue Dengue Dengue in 2016, you no doubt still remember this masked duo. Ninos Du Brasil performed a dazzling mix of Batucada (percussion inspired by African rhythms), sizzling carnival rave and hard-as-nails techno. They will return to Vooruit once again for Make Me Up Before We Blow Blow: expect a hypnotic trip culminating in an avalanche of confetti!

Ninos Du Brasil is a project by Italian performance artists Nino Cascellari and Nicolo Fortuni. Their debut Novos Mistérios was released by the famous Hospital Productions, the label of Prurient frontman Dominick Fernow. In 2016 they released a follow-up EP on DFA Records. For fans of William Bennet’s Cut Hands, Ron Merelli, Vaitcan Shadow and Clap! Clap!.



Pieter Ampe & Moni Wespi

Beardy-weirdy calypso jet set Copacabana club total!

A programme in which freedom and generosity are central themes would not be complete without performer Pieter Ampe and costume designer Moni Wespi. Their physical performances are freedom rituals in themselves, often primitive, without words, seemingly daffy yet still a little uncomfortable to watch. What they will share with us at MAKE ME UP BEFORE E BLOW BLOW remains a mystery for the time being. We've been told to expect something along the lines of “beardy weirdy calypso jet set Copacabana club total”. Sounds good, right?



Bernard & Bernard

Bernard & Bernard are real legends! These artists from Brussels made their name in the nineties and nillies as visionary fashion designers, DJs and a night-club phenomenon unto themselves. Their infamous blacklight parties (remember 2000?) still speak to the imagination in 2017. Get ready for a wild DJ set, extravaganza and weird records included! Be sexy!



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