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The Act of Dying

Domzaal - Première, Performance

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Exploring and exploding actors

What happens when the deeply religious Third Symphony of Polish composer Henryk Górecki clashes with the banality of animated violence?

In 'The Act of Dying', de polen - the new theater collective by Geert Belpaeme, Kobe Chielens, Lieselotte De Keyzer and Bosse Provoost – contrast those two extremes. Together they go on a quest for the ultimate freedom shared by many animated characters: to rise again after dying a violent death.

De polen graduated from the School of Arts/KASK Ghent. Together they create wordless, physical performances on the edge between theater and visual arts and their often cinematic work awakens the viewer's senses. Their previous performance ‘Moore Bacon!’, was selected for the Theater Aan Zee festival this year and immediately seized the TAZ-KBC Jongtheaterprijs (TAZ-KBC Young Theater Prize). From 2017 to 2021 Bosse will be completing the P.U.L.S. young creators' journey within Toneelhuis.

“They don’t know death, they don’t know sexuality, they don’t know suffering, you cut them into pieces, they’re reconstituted. There is no finitude, no mortality here. There is evil, but a kind of naieve, good evil. You’re just egotistic, you want to eat, you want to hit the other, but there is no guilt proper.” (Slavoj Žižek)


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van & met: Bosse Provoost, Kobe Chielens, Lieselotte De Keyzer & Geert Belpaeme - scenografie: Sibran Sampers & Ezra Veldhuis - dramaturgie: Mats Van Herreweghe - co-productie: wpZimmer, Buda, Vooruit & Toneelhuis - met de steun van: de Vlaamse Overheid & TAZ - met dank aan: LOD & KAAP