Mind the Book - Vooruit & Bougie

De wereld is om zeep! (7+)

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Mind the Book wanders into the city of Ghent: together with Bougie - the art education nonprofit that creates and coaches artistic and heritage projects - Vooruit finds children who want to share their vision about ‘the city’. Through this project we want to stimulate active citizenship and help children see that the future of the city and of society is in their hands. The result will be an alternative, quirky map of Ghent.

During their city residency at Vooruit Bougie collected a multitude of drawings about the imaginary city. During the (Im)Possible Futures and the WildeMannenWoesteWijven festivals, for example, they researched what the city of the future could look like from children’s perspective. Their visual answers were put together in a collage, creating a utopian, crazy map of the city. An alternative map on which back and front intersect, presenting both solutions and crazy ideas.

The city maps will be available during the festival at Vooruit.


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