Mind the Book - Dag 6

Eat the Book!

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The last day of Mind the Book will entirely focus on food and books. The program will include a provocative lunch with seaweed and algae; Yvette van Boven, Lisette Kreischer and Alexia Leysen speaking about the future of our food; a children’s cooking workshop with ‘de Bende van Burger Boef’, a food books stand hosted by Paard Van Troje and a veritable potato market. Bon appétit!

Taste - The Dutch Weedburger Lunch 

Weed is the new meat! The taste of change

What will we eat in the near future? If Lisette Kreischer (‘Ocean Greens’) has a say in it, we will all be eating the magical green gold: seaweed and algae. Eat the Book will therefore launch with a lunch full of surprising dishes from Kreischer’s cookbook. You can even taste the healthiest hamburger in the world: The Dutch Weedburger, made of seaweed as its main ingredient - a first in Ghent! - with a side salad of ocean vegetables. And for the true culinary adventurers we will also be serving sea-chowder shiitake soup with bread. Simply delicious!

Talk - The future of our food

Three unique visions on tomorrow’s food trends

The ladies of culinary project bureau Alle Dagen Honger are welcoming three cookbook authors who will define the future of our food through the books they write. Trend watcher Tom Palmaerts interviews Yvette van Boven (‘Homemade’), Lisette Kreischer (‘Ocean Greens’) and Alexia Leysen (‘40 dagen zonder vlees’). In the meanwhile Joanna and Barbara from Alle Dagen Honger will be cooking dishes from the cookbooks of their guests on stage. Three lively discussions you will not want to miss!

Try - De Bende van Burger Boef

Fun and crazy cooking workshops for kids!

Do you know Step-Tile herb? What does Bus-Stop-Grass pie taste like? And have you ever drunk soup made from Statue Moss? During de Bende van Burger Boef’s workshop you will find out all about it. You will make tea, herbal drinks and lemonade with special powers and we will cook potatoes from the potato market. All these eccentric, creative recipes will then get bundled in the Burger Boef cookbook. Fun and healthy cooking, making drinks and drawing during a crazy fun afternoon!

Buy - Potato market

Choose your tuber

Red Baron, Soprano and Vitelotte: they could be characters from a novel, but few people probably know that they are potato varieties. That is why VELT is organizing a veritable potato market during Eat the Book, where you will find the most grown tuber in the world, in all sizes and weights. You will get a chance to buy extremely rare seed potato varieties to plant in your own garden. And of course you will receive a bunch of tips and tricks to turn them into delicious preparations.


In search of food for the mind, a beautiful selection of cookbooks or simply delicious inspiration? Take a look at the books stand of bookstore Paard Van Troje.