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Ex-Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo is taking over Vooruit’s Balzaal for one night for an exclusive Belgian solo concert. The number of seats is limited so if you want in on the fun, order your tickets in advance.

The early 80s and 90s were to absolute heydays for avant-garde noise combo Sonic Youth. Unlike many of their peers (Hüsker Dü, R.E.M.), Sonic Youth let go of classic song structures and injected their by postpunk and no wave inspired tracks with a solid dose of free jazz, noise-experiments and performance art.
Together with Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, Ranaldo was one of the founding members of the group and his adventurous way of playing the guitar (with alternate tuning and prepared guitar) was one of the fundamental aspects of Sonic Youth’s distinctive sound. Beside his work with the band, Ranaldo also collaborated with the likes of Christian Marclay, Alan Licht and William Hooker.

After the breakup of Sonic Youth, Ranaldo concentrated on solo work with The Dust, which also includes SY drummer Steve Shelley. On the albums 'Between the Times and the Tides' and 'Acoustic Dust' Ranaldo reveals himself as classic songsmith bringing timeless folk rock reminiscent of Neil Young. At Vooruit Ranaldo will be playing an intimate, acoustic solo show.



Cian Nugent is a young Irish guitarist who made a name for himself as a fingerpicker in the best John Fahey tradition over the last few years and subsequently transitioned to instrumental rock (together with The Cosmos and Desert Heat, also including Steve Gunn). Nugent has now released an album on Woodsist with a set of irresistible tracks on which we also hear him sing for the first time.

On 'Night Fiction' – out in January – he sounds like a descendant of The Velvet Underground and Fred Neil. With this LP it looks like the Irishman will effortlessly claim his spot next to contemporary heroes such as Mac Demarco, Kurt Vile, Kevin Morby and 'brother in arms' Steve Gunn. In March Cian Nugent will be touring with his band, but he is making an early solo trip to come present his tracks just for Vooruit in January.

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20:00 deuren
20:30 Cian Nugent
21:00 Lee Ranaldo

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