The Rileys: Gyan & Terry Riley / Floris Vanhoof

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Terry Riley is known as one of the forbearers of minimalism; a current within avant-garde music that he helped initiate with his revolutionary composition 'In C' from 1964. That work, consisting of repetitive, intertwining patterns, inspired composers such as Steve Reich, Philip Glass, John Adams and rock groups such as Soft Machine, Tangerine Dream and The Who (who dedicated the track Baba O' Riley to him). Riley's hypnotic classics full of Eastern influences such as 'A Rainbow in Curved Air', 'Shri Camel' and 'Persian Surgery Dervishes' earned him a place of honor within the canon of 20th century innovators. Terry Riley also collaborated with people such as John Cale, the Kronos Quartet, Pauline Oliveiros and the Rova Saxophone Quartet.

This year Terry Riley turned 80 and one of the ways he celebrated was with a (sold out) festival at the Amsterdam Muziekgebouw. For Film Fest he will accompany a film of his choosing live on piano and will be joined by his son Gyan Riley on the guitar.

More info about the film soon to follow.


Floris Vanhoof

Besides Gyan and Terry Riley, Floris Vanhoof is also playing a new live set with projections.

Regular visitors of Vooruit may know Vanhoof, as he was an artist in residence last year. Floris is an allround performance artist, creating wacky experiments with – to name a few – 16mm film, analog synths, portable gongs and laser beams, all topped with a sauce of absurd humor.

For his concert during Film Fest Ghent, Floris composed a new soundtrack for ‘MATRIX III’, an animated shortfilm (1973) by John Whitney. Whitney was a pioneer of computer animation and made several groundbreaking abstract films filled with geometric figures and whimsical patterns. The original soundtrack was made by Terry Riley.


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19:45 deuren
20:05 Floris Vanhoof
20:30 Gyan & Terry Riley / 'L'Immortelle'  

Zaterdagavond kan je na de vertoning ook nog tot 01:00 genieten van de heerlijke deuntjes van Liquid Brother + Matthew Lane in het Café, geheel in thema!


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