Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez

Speak Low if You Speak Love

Theaterzaal - Dance, Music theatre

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Love in all its splendor and sorrow… For Wim Vandekeybus love may be the most elusive and whimsical of all our inner moods. After creating the hypnotic soundtrack for ‘nieuwZwart’ in 2009 Wim Vandekeybus is once more collaborating with Mauro Pawlowski and companions for ‘Speak low if you speak love’. Classic stories are the inspiration for their songs performed by charismatic South-African singer Tutu Puoane. Ultima Vez performers and more classically trained performers influence each other.

‘Speak low if you speak love’ is not opera, nor is it a musical in the usual sense of the word, but an exhilarating mix of experimental music and classic tradition.

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Opgelet: het eerder aangekondigde nagesprek op do 02.06 werd geannuleerd. 


regie: Wim Vandekeybus / van en met: Jamil Attar, Livia Balazova, Chloé Beillevaire, David Ledger, Tomislav English, Nuhacet Guerra Segura, Sandra Geco Mercky & Maria Kolegova / live muziek: Mauro Pawlowski, Elko Blijweert, Jeroen Stevens & Tutu Puoane