VOORUIT100 program

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 In 2013, the building of Vooruit turns 100 years old. From 1 May that will be noticable not only in the St. Pietersnieuwstraat, but throughout the city, in the museum STAM, in a book and in a TV documentary on Canvas.

Below you can find a list of what you can experience during VOORUIT100.

1. Podium program during VOORUIT100: more info

Artists who’ve made a great impression on Vooruit audiences return with unforgettable classics. Other big names will appear for the first time in the Vooruit. The programme is inspired by our 100-year history and includes some unforgettable concerts, dance performances, performances, theatre plays and literature events. 

2. VOORUIT100- trail: info

(Individually or in groups - with or without a guide)

The hidden corners and stories of an impressive monument can be discovered by unique routes through teh Vooruit building.

3. Cooperette: click here for more info

Buy, share, workshops, how-to manuals, Repair Party, .... During Vooruit100 we'll look for a new meaning for the words 'exchange' and 'doing things'

4. Denkbar: click here for more info

This is a place where ideas, proposals, scenarios and projects are examined and shared. There will also be many activities, such as 'think tanks', 'digi bars', book presentations, ...

5. Vooruit Restaurant (food, drinks & workshops): Click for more info

The past 100 years we ate and drink a lot. A bakery, a brewery, ... During this anniversary year we reinvent this by cooking unique recipes from well-known chefs in the Cafe, by food & drink workshops, by producing Triomfbeer,

6. Children activities

Decades ago there were numerous children's activities. During VOORUIT100 we go back to that tradition. (In collaboration with Case Blanca and Aifoon).

7. Book '100 years Vooruit ': click here for more info

This voluminous book with beautiful pictures tells the unique history of our building. Author is Liesbet Nys (Ghent University), Stephan Vanfleteren is photo editor, publisher is Hannibal. For sale in Vooruit and in bookshops.

8. Vooruit in Ghent: click here for more info

A brand new 'Vooruit in Gent' app, educational routes through Ghent, ... Discover how creativity and transition are not only key words of Vooruit, but also of Ghent. 

9. Exhibition '100 years Vooruit 'in STAM: Click for more info

An intriguing historical exhibition of the Vooruit building, its significance for Ghent and the many activities that have taken place during the past century.