1, 2, 3 Vooruit: the official opening of the new season in Vooruit!


wo 28.09 t/m zo 02.10 

1, 2, 3 VOORUIT marks the launch of a new season full of surprises at Vooruit. We jump head first for a five day adventure full of top notch performances, as well as two performance-installations for the free children’s festival WildeMannen WoesteWijven. We launch the new season 2016-2017 with a performance in the public space, a razor-sharp political drama about the absurd situation in Syria and a unique spectacle on Ghent’s internal waterways. Do join us!

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image (c) Michiel Devijver




Omar Abusaada - While I Was Waiting 

do 29 & vr 30.09 - 20:00 Theaterzaal

A metaphore for the present Syria

Syrian Taim suffers brutal torture in Damascus before being transported to a hospital, unconscious, where he remains in a coma for weeks. This tragic incident forces his family to reminisce on unsavory events from the past, thoroughly shaking up their mutual relationships. More 

“Abusaada's performance kicks off the program line focusing on the global turmoil” (artistic leader Khadija El Bennaoui)



Bouchra Ouizguen - Corbeaux 

do 29 & vr 30.09 - Op locatie
dans / performance

A performance that explores trance and hypnosis

A group of women, dressed in black with a white headscarf, starts moving, like an archetypal yet unique swarm of black birds crying out - brutal, intense and fragile. The voices swell up until they explode into a sort of feminine primal scream. More 



Radouan Mriziga - 3600 

wo 28 & do 29.09 - 20:30 Campo Nieuwpoort

Wondering around in an imaginary contruction

In the eyes of choreographer Radouan Mriziga dance is akin to construction. During 3600 seconds four performers explore such an imaginary construction, seeking a linear, transparent choreography. More 



Laura van Dolron - WIJ 

wo 28.09 t/m za 01.10 - 20:00 Minard

Filosophical stand-up comedy 



Ewout D’Hoore - Cash Crash Balderdash  

za 01 & zo 02.10 - between 11:00 & 17:00, Zuivelbrug

Children find solutions for economical problems

(c) Michiel Devijver



Pauline Fondevila - The Promise by the Sea  

za 01 & zo 02.10 - Portus Ganda

Sailing in the city of Ghent