Mind the Book 2016


Returning Syria fighters, Europe’s shadow, fair trade, the Belgian phenomenon of fermettes and literary–culinary treats: these are but a few of the many themes of the sixth edition of Mind the Book.

This time the ultimate literary celebration of the year focusses on the city. With a number of renowned speakers and authors - Robert D. Kaplan, Katja Petrowskaja, Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer - it promises to be an unforgettable festival. For six days you will get to dive into engaged fiction, nonfiction, lectures by (inter)national authors, lively debates and much more. All of it neatly divided into three sub-sections: Mind the City, Mind the Globe and Eat the Book.

Note: the program is subject to changes. A handy overview with the most recent info will be available at Vooruit box office every day during the festival.



What do we want from a city? For it to be pretty, green and clean. For public services to take care of essential amenities. For its cultural life to be stimulating. For its sports fields to be accessible to everybody. For politicians to be approachable. For the city to be safe and super diverse. But do we actually live in those dream cities? We will be asking these questions to various authors, artists and to... Ghent youth.

Note: Only 'De wereld is om zeep!' is accessible to the public. The other Mind the Kids!-performances are included in the schools offering.



Beside the city Mind the Book also focuses on other issues, such as limping Europe, fair trade, (post)-capitalism, migration, the 20th century,... An open look at the world, its upheavals and the human phenomenon, a being that does not always learns its lessons from what went wrong before.



The last day of Mind the Book will entirely focus on food and books. The program will include a provocative lunch with seaweed and algae; Yvette van Boven, Lisette Kreischer and speaking about the future of our food; a children’s cooking workshop with ‘de Bende van Burger Boef’, a food books stands hosted by Paard Van Troje and a veritable potato market. Bon appétit!





Tue 08.03 - from 18:00 to 22:00
Wed 09.03 - from 18:00 to 23:00
Thu 10.03 - from 18:00 to 22:30
Sat 12.03 - from 11:00 to 19:00
Brug & Brugzaal - in collaboration with Boekhandel Walry

For this sixth edition Boekhandel Walry once more did its absolute best to put together an equally delicious and exclusive book selection. The gorgeous Brugzaal will be transformed into a real books palazzo, where books seduce readers, authors do signings and professionals from the literary world converse. The Mind the Book shop is accessible for free.



During the festival you can enjoy a tasty drink at the Café. But if you are hungry you will not get disappointed either, because each day will have its own literary classic on the menu. How would you like pork chops with mashed carrots (Hugo Claus, ‘Het verdriet van België’ - see recipe below), ‘blanquette de veau’ (Emile Zola, ‘L'assommoir’) chocolate mole turkey chili (Laura Esquivel, ‘Como Agua para Chocolate’)? All of this will be available at Vooruit Café!



Tue 08 to Fri 11.03 €5 or free
Sat 12.03 €10 / 7 (red) - With a full day ticket you can attend all performances. Note that there is a limited maximum capacity, so be on time!
Sun 13.03
€20 The Dutch Weedburger Lunch + The future of our food (talk)
€13,90 / 9 (kids) The Dutch Weedburger Lunch
€8 The future of our food (talk)
€5 De Bende van Burger Boef (workshop)



Online 24/24
At the Vooruit box office Tue to Fri: 12:00 – 18:00 and during Mind the Book
By phone +32 (0)9 267 28 28 - Tue to Fri: 12:00 – 18:00



By bike, by public transport or by car.