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We are delighted to present you with a fine selection of events in our 2018-2019 season. Vooruit offers you provocation, contemplation, solidarity, ritual, political challenge, suspense and drama. We invite you to be silent, to scream, to dance with abandon, to participate in rigorous debate and discourse, to laugh, to cry, to question, to sit back and tune out, to sit up and engage. Within and without the walls of Vooruit.

As ever, our programme is the result of ever-deepening collaborations with a diversity of partners, from local neighbours to international guest curators. Partnership is at the core of our vision as arts institution, and we are proud to work with such a brilliant array of artists and organisations.

Our season kicks off with an intervention by Latvian curator Gundega Laivina, who invites you to be silent and practice listening, and concludes with an investigation of death and ritual by Beyond the Spoken (Barbara Raes) in an unlikely but rich collaboration with post-metal band Amenra. In between, we will collaborate with CAMPO and NTGent in the presentation of a very fine selection of international and Belgian theatre, dance, film and music works under the banner of SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT, and in the presentation of three works by the extraordinary Meg Stuart. We will continue our partnership with All Eyes On Hip Hop and KRAAK in the delivery of the very innovative music festivals: OUT THE FRAME and EASTERN DAZE. Our investigation of privilege in WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST: AN EXERCISE IN AWARENESS, marks a new collaboration with a number of artists and thinkers, including dance artists Oona Doherty and Chiara Bersani making their Flemish debuts.

Introducing this rich programme is not possible without the engagement of our regular partners: Africalia, LOD muziektheater, CAMPO, NTGent, Gouvernement, Film Fest Gent, Minard, Victoria Deluxe, Courtisane, KRAAK, All Eyes On Hip Hop and many more. They create a range of opportunities for artists and audiences.

Vooruit is a place for dialogue and exchange, for politics and social consciousness - a must, certainly with two elections in this season ahead. That is why you will find an expanded Think programme and a critical forum for artistic and civic commentary. In addition to the political debates and non-fiction book presentations, you can also look forward to new and experimental formats for discussion, reflection and debate.

Regular visitors to Vooruit are familiar with the building works in our old Box office. In January 2019 we hope to open a new part of the house - an open atelier for artists, scientists and other entrepreneurs. And keep an eye on our website throughout the year for new additions.

In Vooruit there is nothing for everyone and yet something for everybody. We invite you to find your own passion in the mix.

The Vooruit Team




You can get the season brochure in Vooruit or read it online. The ticket sale start Tuesday 29.05 at 12:00.



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The ticket sale starts Tuesday 29.05 at 12:00.


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Written on 25.05.18