Focus: Women and Children First: An exercise in awareness



Oona Doherty (c) Luca Truffarelli



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A thoughtful exploration of identity and privilege

talk / theater / #stadsatelier

Privilege. A law for the singular, from the latin ‘privilegium’, composed by ‘privus’ (= to itself), and ‘lex’ (= law).

It has always been the norm for certain (categories of) people to enjoy special advantages over others, and so a word was coined to describe the distance between up and down or high and low. For those outside the 'norm', their diversity has often been synonymous with exclusion, privation. Privus. It’s the non-invitation to sit at the negotiating table, the privatization of discourse, narration, imagination and therefore of power.

Would it be possible to imagine an omni-privileged world that allows this diverse multitude to speak aloud (with intersectional pride)? Or maybe do we prefer a de-privileged world, where comparison becomes sharing, and we practice solidarity instead of guilt?

As education has taught us to divide and distinguish, we would like to imagine a new school that can deconstruct (prejudicial) models. A school to forget about schools, where everyone is both teacher and student of their own consciousness. A place that welcomes particular perspective as well as the brilliance of fluidity. Where special is no longer the advantage or disadvantage but the opportunity to (re)discuss. As an institution, Vooruit will also enter the school, imagining ways in which the material and immaterial fabric of this monument might become plastic and porous in response to a changing reality.

At the end of January 2019 we proudly present a focus program with artistic work by Mette Ingvartsen, Oona Doherty, Lucas De Man, Margo Vanderlinde, Chiara Bersani and Jamila Johnson-Small. Using WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST as a starting point, and in collaboration with artistic researchers from the School Of Love, we invite these artists and you to join the discussions and learnings at a school. We meet on a monthly basis from Autumn 2018, in an open group to share collective learning experiences.

The project is informed by Adva Zakai's research The School Artist, and supported by Vooruit, BUDA, Beursschouwburg and the Vlaamse Gemeenschap.



Written on 29.05.18