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sat 15 >> sun 30.09

Kicking off the Vooruit season 2018-2019

theater / performance / installation / electronica / graphic novel / nightlife / #gastcurator / #resident / #stadsatelier / #tegast

The opening of Vooruit’s 2018-2019 season is a ‘nutshell’ presentation of the rich-mix programming that typifies this house. You will find parties, concerts, debates and social enquiry offerings, and a celebratory Wild Brunch in the Vooruit Café. Into this mix, we have invited Latvian curator Gundega Laivina to provoke us with silence, contemplation and an invitation to listen.

Two works that are central to this curated infiltration of Vooruit are ‘Thirst’ by Latvian sound artist Voldemārs Johansons and the six-hour, durational ‘And On The Thousandth Night…’ by acclaimed British collective Forced Entertainment. The latter consists of a stream of words and meanings, exploring the live relationship between a story and its audience, a story and its narrators. It’s a celebration of storytelling and collaboration that unfolds the intrinsic nature of theatre. It contrasts and engages with Johansons’ cinematographic installation. We invite you to experience both works on the same night as they run simultaneously.

The programme also invites you to discover work by Latvian artist Kate Krolle created for Vooruit’s season opening and ‘Mikado’, a narrative sound installation for a single viewer by Finnish artist Hans Rosenström where the viewer becomes a part of the narrative. And on top of that we also have a reflection programme co-curated with Daniel Blanga Gubbay (kunstenfestivaldesarts).

Discover the complete programme during SMELTCRUISE!

in collaboration with: Springstof / Treehouse / Stad Gent / LOD muziektheater / NTGent



Written on 29.05.18