'Flotation School': open call for participants



The 'Flotation School' is a performance workshop between fiction and real, with a focuses on survival, time, commons, hope and strategies to address Climate change and the Anthropocene era.

During our time spent on the water we will literally survive. You will have an experience close to what could be life on a floating society. Meaning, if the time is now, are you ready? How will build your home? What would be the economic, social and political outcomes of a floating society? What would be the values for the community? What would bring people together? A fire, a story, a source of drinkable water, a fish, a way to produce energy (...)? How to recover archaic knowledge? Who would you have on your island? What would be the necessary skills, props and devisers? How do we experience time? What stories we will leave for the future generations? How we create a shared intergenerational knowledge?


What to expect?

Camping on a floating island for 12 hours.
Co-creation and collection of survival strategies.
Co-create a flag, a story, a game, a domino, a manifesto.


What to bring?

  • Food: Think of what you could bring that would last on a island for a long time and you share with others.
  • Drinking water for one day survival.
  • Propers Equipment: fishing gear, knife, sleeping bag, mattress, pen and notebook, warm clothes.
  • Rain coat, a plate, a mug, a fork, a spoon.
  • The first thing you would take from your house if there would be a catastrophe.


Out come of the workshop

This workshop is part of a neighbourhood project in (HandelsDok & Houtdok), a series of events that will lead to the creation of open source DIY book: compelling survival exercises to address climate change and the antropocene. This book will be a shared intergenerational knowledge that would be used in the future. Through out the year there will be several guests as co-creators of the workshop.

Workshop 2 collaborator: Ingrid Vranken



WEEKEND 1 - Sat 23.09 - Starting at 12:00, finish at midnight
WEEKEND 2 - Sat 30.09 - Starting at 12:00, finish at midnight


Written on 01.09.17