Vooruit picks up a pencil for Drawing Days

 Drawing Days


The yearly drawing festival The Big Draw is back in town, with a new look and a new name: Drawing Days. The goal of this city-wide festival is as brilliant as it is simple: get everyone drawing. Even Vooruit is bringing out its pencil case.


City Drawing Artist Charlotte Peys goes to town on the Vooruit Café window

One of Vooruit's seven City Drawing Artists, Charlotte Peys, will have free rein to decorate the side window of the Vooruit Café. Specially for Drawing Days, Charlotte Peys will be making a window drawing as part of the Window Walk, a route through the heart of Ghent on which you can take in 100 impressive window drawings by 100 artists. Muse-in-residence Peter Verhelst has written a text to serve as inspiration for the 100 drawing artists. Read all about the Window Walk at drawingdays.be.


We Make You Up!

Together with the Vooruit's City Drawing Artists, the children of De Harp Primary School will explore the many functions of make-up through the art of drawing. After a number of preparatory sessions in the classroom, the children will be ready on Sunday 1 October to make up some grown-ups in the Vooruit Café during The Wild Brunch – The Make Me Up Edition. Blue lipstick, red mascara, green blush, anything goes! A professional portrait will be made of every resulting face. Afterwards you can have your face cleaned up by our living washing machine so that you can leave the event tidy and fresh-faced. Unless you'd rather return to the streets all made up, which is fine by us!

Written on 03.09.17