Gouvernement celebrates HOOGTIJ/laagtij



“The necessity for reversal is so important that it had, at one time, its consecration: there is no constitution of society which does not have, on the other hand, the challenging of its foundations; rituals show it: the saturnalias or festivals of madmen reversed the roles.” - Georges Bataille, 'Inner Experience' (1943)


During the yearly city-wide craze (fri 14th >> sun 23th of July), 'HOOGTIJ/laagtij pays tribute to the “Homo Festivus” and “celebrating” as such. It’s a festival within a festival, a scaled-down metaphor for a city on the verge of insanity. An invitation to both, total surrender and sobering reflection.

Around twenty artists have been invited as the Masters of Ceremony of 'HOOGTIJ/laagtij'. They are commissioned with the task of immersing the audience into their idea of jubilation, transcendence and related rituals. Their daily actions ignite from a visual, theatrical or musical spark and draw on rich ceremonial heritage or are flagrant bursts of euphoria & decadence.

All actions leave specific, physical traces. These will eventually lead to the formation of one ‘Gesammtkunstwerk’: a visual guideline for the reconstruction in the aftermath. Will be joining us:

  • Sachli Gholamalizad & Sebastiaan Van Den Branden
  • Joris Van De Moortel
  • Rutger de Vries
  • Charlotte Adigéry & Nicole Twister
  • Bert Jacobs
  • Micha Volders & Jaak De Digitale
  • Pieter Ampe
  • Sibran Sampers
  • Nienke Baekelandt
  • Boris Van den Eynden & Borokov Borokov
  • De Zwarte Zuster Fanfare
  • Gamelan Voices
  • Matthieu Ha & van Twolips
  • Lotte Vanhamel

Soon more on this site and gouvernement.gent.

Written on 21.06.17