2017-2018 in Vooruit: intro



'Trigger of Happiness' (c) Leonor Fonseca


“The truth is, what we name identity is not essential. We are all passers-by. The world we inhabit began long before us and will continue long after us. As a new planetary consciousness slowly emerges, the reality of a community of shared destiny must prevail over our attachment to difference.” - Achille Mbembé


Dear visitor,


It is the first full season Vooruit starts as an Art Institution. We believe it reflects the responsibilities of Vooruit to open its program to diverse perspectives. The selection is co-constructed with many partners, institutions and artists. We are proud to have gathered such an amazing group of people to think with us.

Several curators infiltrate the program with their own projects. We open the season with ‘Make Me Up Before You Blow Blow’, a program curated by Ron Berry, director of the Fusebox Festival in Austin, Texas. He has imagined a program full of glitter, queer and cabaret acts. Italian curator Silvia Bottiroli will present ‘The May Events’ - a focus week around the idea of protest on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the protests of May ‘68 in France. Hildegard De Vuyst and Paul Kerstens have put together a festival of Palestinian artists, ‘The Palestinian Connection’. With choreographer and curator Arco Renz, we invited Indonesian artists to Ghent in collaboration with EUROPALIA INDONESIA.

Introducing this rich program would not have been possible without the engagement of our regular partners: CAMPO, LOD muziektheater, NTGent, EUROPALIA, Gouvernement, Film Fest Gent, Museum Dr. Guislain, MSK Gent, Kunsthuis, Circuscentrum, Minard, Victoria Deluxe, CC Evergem, Courtisane, Democrazy, KRAAK and many more. At Vooruit, we consider partnerships as a way to create more possibilities for artists and audiences.

In March 2017, Vooruit organised a research week called BLAUWDRUK. Many of you gave us precious input about how to better realise our mission as an Art Institution. It was a challenging and exciting week that once again emphatically confirmed that:

  • supporting artists has to be more than ever central to our work;
  • audiences must be seen as involved communities.

These have been and will even more be our guidelines in the future

We look forward to welcoming you at the events of the Vooruit program for the season 2017-2018. Dance and theater performances, Schrijversconcerten, festivals and events are detailed within this booklet. And as you already know there is a lot more happening at Vooruit: residencies, conferences, round tables, network and rental events, and much more. The program will be completed during the year with music and literature events as well as with the activities of our STADSATELIER, Vooruit’s city oriented platform.

We invite you to discover our full program in our online agenda and social media channels. There will be lots of possibilities to get involved if you wish to do: workshops, try-outs, participatory projects, aftertalks,... We value your ideas and feedback. Never hesitate to send us a mail with your thoughts (info@vooruit.be), talk to us in the Vooruit Café or contact us via one of our online platforms. We will be pleased to start or continue conversations.

Let us be clear: we do not believe art alone can change the world. But it can for sure contribute to open our minds to other perspectives, possibilities, and ideas. Vooruit wishes more than ever to be a place for encounters, interaction, gatherings, artistic innovation, social engagement and political debate. And in this, we rely on you to join us.

L’union fait la force!


The Vooruit team

Written on 09.05.17