'The Rooster'



tue 20 >> sat 24.02

In 2004 dramaturge Hildegard De Vuyst first went into the Occupied Territories, in the wake of choreographer/director Alain Platel. Since then Palestine has had her in its grip. She knows the Palestinian stage arts as her back pocket. For 10 years she has been following a new generation of creators whom she supports by all possible means.

Hildegard joined forces with A.M. Qattan Foundation in Ramallah, KVS and Les Ballets C de la B for a program of workshops. This was followed by an exchange under the name PASS (Performing Arts Summer School), coupled with productions like 'Keffiyeh/Made in China' and 'Badke' seen last season at Vooruit.

Along with Palestinian performing artists, De Vuyst went to Rabat, Kinshasa and South Africa, searching for ways for them to strengthen their autonomy. In 2018, this young generation will show up with own work at the heart of a Flemish-Palestinian event in Ghent.

Ahlan wa sahlan! 

in collaboration with Departement Internationaal Vlaanderen & les Ballets C de la B 




Adeline Rosenstein - Décris-Ravage

tue 20.02 - 19:00 & we 21.02 - 17:00 LOD Studio - theater

From Napoleon to Nabka

In 'Décris-Ravage' Jewish actress and director Adeline Rosenstein attempts to explain the situation in six chapters. Her historicizing approach, starting in the year 1799, is both enlightening and doomed to fail.



Malik Andary & Ata Khatab - The Rooster / Yazan Ewidat & Hamza Damra - Running Away

thu 22.02 - 20:00 Theaterzaal

One-time unique double-bill

'The Rooster' by Malek Andary and Ata Khatab mixes dabke and contemporary dance. In 'The Rooster' Khattab and Andary mix history with contemporary influences, resulting in a group dance for five dancers, a performance about who is the ruler of the dunghill. In ‘Running Away’, Palestinian performer Yazan Ewidat contests the prevailing image of Palestinians as fighters, as soldiers. According



Khashabi Ensemble / Bashar Murkus - Other Places

sat 24.02 - 20:00 Theaterzaal - theater

What does Palestine still mean to the Palestinian diaspora?

Bashar Murkus is a young Palestinian director from Haifa, an Israeli city where Jews and Palestinians live together under growing pressure. Murkus is also the driving force behind the Palestinian Khashabi Ensemble, founded in 2011. In 'Other Places' he examines what Palestine still means to Palestinians who do not live there.

Written on 09.05.17