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tue 16 >> sat 20.01

For the fourth year running, Circuscentrum and Vooruit explore the borders between circus, dance, performance and theatre. During SMELLS LIKE CIRCUS you’ll experience exciting crossover performances, this time spread out over Ghent’s inner city. There will be things to see at Vooruit, but also in De Expeditie, KOPERGIETERY, Minardschouwburg, CAMPO and on location in the city.

Most performances of Smells Like Circus are intended for adult audiences. If a performance mentions ‘8 years and up’, that does not mean it is a kids show - it means that the production is aimed at adults, but that children 8 years and up are welcome. Please respect the age indications. Only ‘PLOCK!’ by Grensgeval is explicitly a show for kids - hence the corresponding Uit-vliegje.

in collaboration with Circuscentrum



Svalbard Company - All Genius All Idiot

tue 16.01 - 20:00 Theaterzaal - dance / circus / music

On the borderline between circus, dance and gender

‘All Genius All Idiot’ is an exhilarating, surprising, absurd, animalistic and musical trip to the depths of humanity. A performance that erases the borders between circus, dance and gender. A show about identity, human behaviour, geniuses and idiots. In short, the perfect first act for SMELLS LIKE CIRCUS!




Grensgeval - PLOCK! 

wed 17.01 - 15:00 De Expeditie - circus 

Watch out for flying paint drops!

'PLOCK!' is a whirlwind performance for the very little ones, about authenticity and finding yourself among blobs of paint. Camiel Corneille is the acrobatic artist on duty.




Janni van Goor - Family Trees

wed 17.01 - 17:00 Minnemeers - dance / circus

Your family lasts a lifetime

Everyone is part of a family, no matter how big or small or tight-knit or distant it is - or how close-by or how far they live. In 'Family Trees' - by choreographer Janni van Goor - family ties are the main underlying theme.





Louis Vanhaverbeke - Multiverse

wed 17.01 - 20:00 CAMPO nieuwpoort // thu 18.01 - 20:00 CC Evergem - performance

The creation story according to Vanhaverbeke

“In the beginning there was nothing - and then even that exploded.”

Choreographer, performer, rapper, manipulator of objects, jack-of-all-trades or mad professor? You can call Louis Vanhaverbeke many things, but he is definitely unique. In his solo show ‘Multiverse’ he shapes an alternate creation story using a live color wheel, plastic buckets, Frisbees, houseware and a bunch of junk.



Collectif Porte27 - Chute!

wed 17 & thu 18.01 - 20:00 Minard - circus

The art of falling

In 'Chute!' Matthieu Gary and Sidney Pin study 'falling' in all its forms. They throw each other up, challenge each other, fight and embrace each other and swirl over each other. You, the audience, are very close: almost breathing in their sweat and embracing the risks they are taking. Discover how physics and philosophy find each other in falling.




Circus Katoen - As heavy as it goes

thu 18.01 - 20:00 Minnemeers - circus

The playfulness of sandbags and physical labor

Willem Balduyck and Sophie van der Vuurst de Vries push the limits of their own bodies. Using 18 heavy bags as a metronome, they perform a composition of organizing and upsetting, carrying and dropping – a rhythmic choreography in which playfulness and exhaustion go hand in hand.





Cirque déjà vu? 

fri 19.01 - 20:00 & sat 20.01 - 15:00 KOPERGIETERY - circus / theater / dance

Eccentric ode to five circus classics

Juggling inside one square meter? A game of Twister among dozens of mousetraps? Arguing pizza brothers? Or poetic mentalism that will make your jaw drop? 'Cirque déjà vu' combines all that into one performance, an eccentric tribute to five Circus icons.



Groupe Acrobatique de Tanger - Halka

fri 19.01 & sat 20.01 - 20:00 Theaterzaal - circus / dance

Dazzling high-level arts

For 'Halka', Groupe Acrobatique de Tanger collaborated with Abdel Senhadji, the godfather of acrobatics. As the founder of famous circus collective XY he was a guest at Vooruit once before, in 2012, where he was treated to a standing ovation. 'Halka' is once again an exceptional experience, in which twelve acrobats, singers and musicians tease gravity together.



Ruben Mardulier & Michiel Deprez - De 24 uur van Mardulier & Deprez

fri 19 >> sat 20.01 - ongoing from 22:00 On Location - circus / performance / installation

Twenty-four hours of anecdotal circus with more than a twist

Being crazy doesn't hurt - or maybe a little. The unique circus performance duo Michiel Deprez and Ruben Mardulier - both graduates of Tilburg Circushogeschool - experiment to the extreme. Their goal this time: to push their stamina so far as to reach the ultra-zen phase.



Cirque Composé - MaxiMinard

sat 20.01 - 17:00 Minard - circus

Up and coming circus talent takes over Minard

Smells Like Circus now has a tradition of Cirque Composé, a composite evening with the most impressive short acts by European circus performers. This edition promises to be very special: in 'Maxi Minard' the artists play both sides of the Minard simultaneously. The wildest of circus techniques all make an appearance: get ready for an exciting Saturday afternoon.


Written on 09.05.17