The BLAUWDRUK statement from Vooruit



In the frame of the opening of BLAUWDRUK, a workweek around the role of Vooruit as Arts Institution, Vooruit wanted to share a message. But not a message from a specific person. We asked the author Bie Vancraeynest to write it for us. She had conversations with several employees, from housekeeping to financial management, from young to less young, new and older Ghentians. She listened to their Vooruit stories about the past, the now and the future.

The text below is the result of these conversations. It is actually not a message, but a gathering of thoughts: the (un)balanced way Vooruit works, the challenges, the hope, the bruises, the questions, the goals, the invitation to collaborate, the gratefulness for the past and those who built it, the prospect of the future, the space for vulnerability, the diversity, the arts, the energy.

The text was read for the first time on March 13th to all colleagues of Vooruit. On March 14th it was read again during the official opening of BLAUWDRUK.


We are the current tenants of Vooruit
We are your second home
We are your party hangout
We are spaghetti
We are heritage
We are 85 people
We are classified
We are a fresh centenarian
We are sometimes happy to be here
We are always happy to see you
We like to serve artists
We like to serve the people
We crack jokes at the bar
We are a version of the facts
We are the ones who keep you warm on chilling days
We are your sun on our terrace
We are the tablecloth
We work for your leisure
We work for our money
We are the toilets of the city
We are the soup with sandwiches
We are the thick red book
We are the string on which you might balance
We are a castle
We are your refuge
We are Gentse whatever and I don’t give a fuck
We play ping pong
We are bottom-up and top-down

We see the elephant in the room
We hug the elephant in the room
We are material for your conversation
We are socialists
We are not socialists anymore since a long time
We are just like you
We try to open the jar
We don't manage to open the jar

We pass the jar away because we really want it open but how hard we try to wring it, the jar does not open
We see someone leave, tired of trying
We welcome new people with fresh blood, bright eyes, full hearts, strong hands
We see how the new people and the old people manage to open the jar
We are the end of a model
We are the beginning of a model

We are progress
We are history
We are standstill
We are still battling with sorrow and sometimes still fresh wounds

We are at the place where everything has led up to

We sit on top of a bag of money and yet it weighs on our shoulders
We are a spoonful of hot soup you feel slowly go down your throat, it still hurts but the worst is over
We refuse to call this work

We are the mild anarchy
We sometimes go backwards
We are not yet strong enough
We are many good people
We learn to quarrel
We take time restlessly
We want to dance
We want to dance together
We want to dance together but we do not always hear the same music

We do not want this alone
We are no one without the other
We want to go far so we go together
We find each other in doubt
We calmed down a bit
We are renewed urgency
We are perhaps not yet strong enough
We are vulnerable, but that has long been the new strength

We are a fire
We are a brand

We want co-creation
We want stronger coffee
We are still far too Flemish
We cannot do it alone
We are a centipede
We are a caterpillar
We want to hatch out
We will be fair
We carry everyone on board
We want care we want warmth
We provide care we give warmth
We are the first and soon it's up to you

We fall flat on our faces and we help each other to stand up
We are a bouncy castle
We are a giant gently lying down in the grass, with arms wide open and we let us be climbed

We want to be the agents of your dreams
We are a very exciting new season
We are a beautiful organization

We sit straight up
We breathe in

We are the silence after the storm calmed down
We are no longer as before, but no one is
We speak to you as the people we are
We are hopeful
We stand on damp ground
We work in defenselessness

We do not really know where we're going but
We know we are on our way

We brush the dust off our shoulders
We are a strong plan to deviate from
We are in transit
We look forward
We laugh often here
We do make a difference
We know no shortcuts
We are exciting

We are the new skool
We are defying gravity
We find our second breath
We go hard
We will go on
We work transversally
We will do what makes our blood pumping
We are a banana peel on the ground
We are always a generation gap
We are not a Band-Aid on a wooden leg
We are the wooden leg and
We continue to stumble

We are the decline and the up rise
We are the prelude
We are loyal
We are the mirror of the small revolt
We want to be generous
We pass over judgment
We are a better place
We enjoy the new energy
We are a dissonant chorus
We are a blueprint
We are a framework
We are insufficient images
We are worn out metaphors

We harvest seeds from many people

We are walking

We question the status quo
We are open and agile
We are no longer stuck
We invent a good new story for ourselves until we believe in it
We are a testing ground
We are still unexplored
We have the fear of missing out
We are a fabulous mythical creature
We are art based
We take calculated risks
We are at its widest, a platform
We are on our narrowest, a glimmer of hope

We are a premise

We see something we can not touch yet but we are already reaching for it

We are together
We are willing
We are here

Written on 22.03.17