Vooruit & Gouvernement join forces



In the spirit of ‘better to have a good neighbor than a distant friend’, Gouvernement and Vooruit are joining forces. This collaboration will hit the ground running in January 2017, with a concert by Infinite Bisous / ELG, and a residency by promising theater maker Dounia Mahammed.

Any regular of Ghent’s cultural (night) life, undoubtedly knows Gouvernement. A short introduction for those who have never heard of them: Gouvernement is an independent workshop and cultural platform in downtown Ghent. The project was launched in 2014 with the aim of connecting various cultural niches with each other and with audiences, with a focus on cross-pollination, trial and error and the unexpected.

Gouvernement organizes concerts, exhibitions, residencies (interns) and various hors catégorie events. The informal framework of Gouvernement creates space for exceptional side projects, less obvious castings / instrumentation and wide-ranging musical rogue-ness.

Gouvernement and Vooruit will start collaborating in January of 2017, with as first accomplishment: the first Belgian performance of Infinite Bisous (do 25.01) - guitarist and right hand of Connan Mockasin - and the residency of young theater talent Dounia Mahammed.

In August of 2016 Dounia won the SABAM Jongtheaterschrijfprijs (Young Theatre Writing Prize) at the Theater Aan Zee festival in Oostende, with her work ‘Salut copain’. In 2017 she will be working on a new solo, 'Le Grand Welo ' (working title), a representation in which she puts rituals and encounters front and center. In January of 2017, Dounia will present a first ritual at Chambres d'O in Oostende, under the title 'Ichi-go, Ich-e'. This new performance - a Vooruit coproduction – will come to Vooruit’s stage next season.

Written on 05.12.16