Vooruit is renovating and moving



Vooruit Arts Center is housed in a 103 years old monument. It goes without saying that such a structure requires the necessary maintenance and renovations. We are making the building future-proof for the public, for artists and for our staff. A new renovations phase will start in the Autumn of 2017.

What will we be tackling? The space currently housing the Box Office, the entrance between Vooruit Café and the Box Office and quite a few other locations. There will be extra studios for artists and the technical storage space will be expanded. During the previous phase the Patio (het Terras) and the covered bicycle parking were built, the Concertzaal and the entrance area were made future-ready and the former COOP-supermarket was transformed into Vooruit’s new nerve center.

It will be in that former supermarket – now renamed Groene Coop – that the first steps of this renovation will become visible as it will temporary house the Box Office, starting in January of 2017. Starting then, it will be accessible through the corridor leading to the Theaterzaal. There will be clear signage on the premises.

Do you want to find out more about our renovation plans? Check this page regularly or follow our mailings or social media for the latest updates. Still have questions or comments? Contact us at verbouwen@vooruit.be or just swing by.

The Vooruit Renovation Masterplan is made possible in part thanks to the Cultural Infrastructure Fund (Fonds Culturele Infrastructuur) of the Flemish Government and the City of Ghent.

Written on 21.10.16