Triomfbier in a smaller format



When we created Triomfbier in 2013 to celebrate the 100th birthday of Vooruit - in collaboration with the Dupont Brewery – we could not have predicted that it would become a keeper. Triomfbier became a great success at Vooruit Café, and together with Dupont, we decided to also make the beer available for the market starting in 2014, in bottles of 75 cl.

But opening a 75 cl bottle remains a bit of a challenge for the occasional beer drinker. For that reason, starting this summer, we are serving Triomfbier in the more convenient 33 cl format. Of course you can also find our Triomfbier at Vooruit Café, fresh from the tap, and that for a mere €3,40.

You can still buy Triomfbier, to enjoy at home or as a gift, in its new format, for the price of €1,50 per bottle. Available for sale at the bar of Vooruit Café!

Written on 10.08.16