Superbowl: the most healthy and most delicious snack of the summer!



We know the feeling: the sun is shining, you’re hanging out on the Vooruit Patio and you don’t feel like cooking. It becomes very tempting to just munch on a quick and unhealthy snack, but this summer you have an alternative thanks to the Superbowl, a crunchy seasonal salad full of vitamins and carbohydrates.

Super-what? Superbowl is its name: taste, texture, color and healthy greens in a convenient bowl. We’ll have one ready for you every day during the summer. The base is always a mix of various carbohydrates: rice, quinoa, lentils, chickpeas, potatoes or beans. On top of that you get daily fresh organic vegetables, prepared or raw. And to top it off a dose of fresh herbs and dressing, and there you have it!

The Superbowl comes in a vegetarian version (with Berloumi, mozzarella, seitan or feta) and – for the diehard carnivores – with meat or fish. An organic, local and seasonal top dish. Bon appétit.


From July 1st to August 31th

Written on 27.06.16