We focus on local food


 Our tea, coffee and rum are fair trade and our bread, processed vegetables, fruit juices and many of our specialty beers are organic. The pasta and appetizer snacks are made by artisan producers.

For the last 15 years we have been putting as much organic and fair trade food on our menu as we can. In the future however we want to focus even more on local food.

Raising visitor's awareness

We want to raise our visitors’ awareness about locally produced food, its sustainability and the fact that it allows you to pay a fair price to the producer. We are already part of the fair trade story for farmers in the South, now we want to do the same for farmers at home.

Step by step growth

Making our Café evolve into a short chain project will be a gradual process and small subprojects such as a “local day soup” or trials with a “local daily special” will make the bigger challenge tangible.

Making the project a success in the long run will require good collaboration between the various partners. Ultimately Vooruit wants to create a permanent consuming market and incentive for new and existing urban agriculture initiatives.

We also want to communicate clearly with the Café’s visitors about the origin and production of the products we offer.

Stimulating urban agriculture projects

Ultimately we want to evolve into creating a permanent consuming market and incentive for new and existing urban agriculture projects. On average we sell between 150 and 200 meals a day, without counting the sandwiches. This puts us in a position where we might have the power to convince people to start up a real urban agriculture project so we can buy produce from them.


Written on 19.11.14