Vooruit Café wants a short chain kitchen



Ghent workgroup Stadslandbouw meets at Vooruit regularly. On November 5, 2014 it will hold a meeting at Vooruit about the collaboration between new and old farmers in and around the city during which Vooruit will also formulate its own proposal for the first time, in collaboration with Nathalie Snauwaert of Het Spilvarken vzw.

What if we transformed the Vooruit Café into a short chain project that uses locally grown and processed food? 

Being the centrally located meeting place that it is, the busy Vooruit Café is the perfect location for an inspiring example to all citizens and entrepreneurs and to encourage them to consume smartly and locally. By serving customers authentic Ghent food we could connect all our visitors to local producers of durable, regional and fair produce.

The short chain project step by step

At Café Vooruit we already use as many organic and fair produce as possible and the tea, coffee and rum are fair trade. The bread, the processed vegetables, the fruit juices and many of the specialty beers are organic. The pasta and the appetizer snacks are made by craft bakers.

Evolving the café into a short chain project will happen progressively and small partial projects such as a “local day soup” or trials with a “local daily special” will make the bigger challenge concrete.

Making the project a success in the long run will require good collaboration between the various partners. Ultimately Vooruit wants to create a permanent consuming market and incentives for new and existing urban agriculture initiatives. We also want to communicate clearly with the café’s visitors about the origin and production of the products we offer.


Written on 04.11.14