45 kilo of fruity honey harvested

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On Friday, May 9th the urban beekeepers of Apicula came to empty the beehives and check how hard our bees had been working and how much honey they had produced. For the second year in a row we had a good spring harvest as 5 honey suppers were retrieved from the beehives, providing no less than 45 kilos of honey.


The honey is currently being extracted, stirred and matured. It will take a little while before the honey is available for consumption. Our 100% Vooruit-honey will be available for sale later at our Box Office. Keep an eye on our website! 


At the initiative of the “urban beekeepers” from Apicula, who have installed beehives in various spots in Ghent, we’ve had beehives on our roof since April of 2011. Vooruit replied very enthusiastically to the beekeepers’ request and it turned out we were very well suited as a home base for urban bees:

  • Our building is within ‘flying distance’ of three Ghent parks
  • We have a flat south-oriented roof
  • No people live in the direct vicinity of the roof
  • There are no other beehives nearby

Our bees are doing an excellent job and the bee population is growing very fast. Last summer we were able to expand and we now have five hives on our roof. Last year’s bad spring left us with no honey but the bees are more than making up for it this year!

Written on 12.05.14