Green Bastards Manifest

Green Bastards Manifesto


1. Explore

Many more vegetables and varieties exist than the ones we usually encounter at the stores. Discover the marvelous world of unknown and unloved vegetables and surprise your taste buds!

2. Grow as many different crops as you can

The greater the variation of plants in our agriculture, the better our food production will be protected against diseases, predators and hazards such as climatic conditions. A greater biodiversity makes our ecosystem more resilient, helping to eradicate hunger, giving farmers a future and making genetically modified crops unnecessary.

3. Buy your seed from small seed retailers

Small seed retailers cultivate lesser-known varieties. They are the guardians of biodiversity and they constitute an alternative to big multinationals whose only goal is profit maximization.

4. Keep our vegetables heritage alive

As Homo sapiens we have been creating new vegetable varieties for centuries, looking for the precise characteristics we need. We build arts museums, protect buildings and preserve fossils, so why don’t we preserve our old vegetable species

5. Keep crops patent-free

Plants and genes belong to everybody– or to nobody, if you will.

6. No bugs, no plants

Agriculture is part of a bigger whole called “nature”. Insects are necessary for pollination, to contain plagues, to transform waste into compost, etc. Enjoy the soothing noise of a buzzing bumblebee, nod off, and rest assured that all will be well.

7. Get your hands dirty

Grow your own food in the garden, in pots on the balcony, behind the window, on the window sill, in a forgotten corner of the park - and don’t forget to build an insect hotel.


Written on 05.07.13