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Possible Futures (10 to 26 October 2013) is the closing festival of VOORUIT100, the six-month programme celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Vooruit building.


The Possible Futures Festival, organized by Vooruit and CAMPO, wants to find answers to common questions about the future during three long weekends on and off stage. Reflecting on history and the legacy of the previous century is a great source of inspiration for developing a vision of tomorrow’s world today.

Possible Futures wants to bring together people who wish to develop scenarios for possible futures together, i.e. artists, designers, philosophers, scientists, activists, members of the audience, etc.

Let’s sit together and discuss what Vooruit, CAMPO, the city and the world could look like in the following years.



What can we learn from the past? Who can you still trust? Is a revolution possible? How?

Possible Futures tries to answer these and other questions in shows, talks, workshops and other projects in Vooruit, CAMPO and the city. 

>>> Check the full program here!

Thu 10 - Sat 26 Oct  




How do you picture the world in 5 years’ time? What will you do to change the future? Tell us your wishes for the future on www.possiblefutures.be (and share them on Facebook and Twitter afterwards). Your wish will give inspiration to the artists, collaborators and the audience of the Possible Futures festival.

(In 5 years’ time, I (name) want a world with more …. and with less …. and for that I will … )

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Possible Futures wordt georganiseerd i.s.m. Campo


Written on 30.08.13