The Garden of Green Bastards

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Torentuin Vooruit - Green Bastards Garden Green Bastards


In the tower garden of Vooruit’s patio, Willem Van Gucht and ONBETAALBAAR don’t color inside the lines with the plants they cultivate, growing varieties you might never even have heard of. Weirdoes. Misfits. Naughty plants. Real ‘bastards’ as you can see. Some of them are rare and cannot be bought from seed retailers, which is why we had to call in the expertise of people and organizations specializing is these unknown and unloved little plants.

According to Green Bastards, for-profit food-crop agriculture only focuses on a few varieties of a few different vegetables, even though there is an incredible variety of food crops around the world. If we limit ourselves to only a fraction of those, we really are selling our taste buds – and biodiversity - short.

de Green Bastards Garden op het terras (c) Reinout Hiel


De Green Bastards Garden is a project by gardener Willem Van Gucht, who is bringing his enthusiastic garden and plant knowledge to the table, while ONBETAALBAAR’s creative gang is using upcycled materials to create the garden’s beautiful design.

De Green Bastards Garden is Vooruit’s first urban agriculture project and it fits within a broader quest toward creating a better urban society.


Read the Green Garden Manifest here

Green Bastards during 2014-2015

In the summer of 2014, we welcomed the Green Bastards again in our Garden Tower. Read more about it here.

Written on 01.07.13